Test suites GMS July release GMS Client ID update

These versions will be required for GMS approvals as described in the table below:

Release Release version Required-use date
CTS 8.1 R7, 8.0 R11, 7.1 R19, 7.0 R23, 6.0 R30 2018-8-21
VTS 8.1_r4 and 8.0_r8 w August SPLs 2018-8-21
GMS 8.1_201807, 8.0_201807 2018-9-18

GMS Client ID update
Updated H3G country list to include ITWe’ve updated the GMS Client ID mapping (direct link), effective for new devices only. Check with specific carriers to confirm which values to set. Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • Removed AT, BE, CH, FR from Vodafone list of countries
  • Added a row for Vodafone AU

MT2625 NBIOT SDK 1.2 release


Main changes
–   Features and optimization
o [MT2625] Added new AT command AT+CRLA–Restricted UICC logical channel access.
o [MT2625] Provided the NV item to customer to change the OOSA  search timer.
o [MT2625] Optimized the cell search flow that speed up and try to find the strongest cell for the frequency list search.
o [MT2625] Upgrading the implementation of 3GPP CR R5-181304, so if TC 22.4.23 is tested on Starpoint V1.6.0.1 or later, this upgrading should be supported.
o [MT2625] Add NVDM backup area base address and length on download configuration file for FlashTool to retain backup area data prevent from being formatted. This feature only can work with FlashTool V2.2.7 or above version.
o [MT2625] Support customized ATCI default port and default baud rate.
o [MT2625] Enhancement LWM2M CT AT command.
o [MT2625]:Output partial AP log (GLOGE、GLOGW、RTC_LOG_ERROR、snprintf)  to PC tool with the new created “SIG_SYSLOG_TEST_FILE_OUT” GKI signal, so that the PC Tool can filter such log from GUI.
–   Bug fixes
o [MT2625] Fixed the issue that AT channel is blocked with PIN enabled SIM card.
o [MT2625] Fixed the issue that TC22.3.1.2 failed on Starpoint V1.6.0.1.
o [MT2625] Fixed the issue that sometimes subscribed topic can’t be received randomly.
o [MT2625] Fixed the issue that there is 5s delay to send the data to CT IOT platform.
o [MT2625] Fixed the issue that crash happened when a large MQTT package published.
o [MT2625] Fixed the issue that sometimes 2 packages are sent to CT IOT platform in one send.
o [MT2625] Fixed the issue that WDT timeout seldom happened if HTTP failed to send request or connect to server.
o [MT2625] Add sleep lock of HAL ADC and HAL TRNG during HW working.
o [MT2625] Fixed the issue that not auto do default PDN link Creation when the SDK version from V1.0.x to V1.1.1 and later.
o [MT2625] Fixed the issue that DUT still enter into light sleep mode while GNSS power on.
o [MT2625]: Fixed the issue that TC22.4.11 failed on Starpoint V1.6.0.1.
o [MT2625]:Fixed the issue that the Meta tool is not able to read right calibration data after formatted all.
o [MT2625]:Fixed the issue that UE crashed when setting  earfcnoffset to other value than -0.5 in MixRx in META.
o [MT2625]:Fixed the issue that when the first NVDM access is the top NVDM item in NVDM verno table, its verno is wrong. It will lead to this top NVDM item is wrong in this case.
o [MT2625]:Fixed the issue that UE crashed when temperature is lower than -42 degree centigrade.
o [MT2625]:Fixed the issue that UE  crashed caused by unsuitable measurement scheduling.
o [MT2625]:Fixed the issue that the Meta Tool does not response properly when UE fails synchronize to instrument during NSFT test.