[CTS10.0r1]CtsAlarmManagerTestCases android.alarmmanager.cts.AppStandbyTests#testNeverDelay single run fail


android.alarmmanager.cts.AppStandbyTests#testNeverDelay failed when single run.
java.lang.AssertionError: Alarm received when app was in never bucket
at org.junit.Assert.fail(Assert.java:88)
at org.junit.Assert.assertTrue(Assert.java:41)
at org.junit.Assert.assertFalse(Assert.java:64)
at android.alarmmanager.cts.AppStandbyTests.testNeverDelay(AppStandbyTests.java:257)
However it can pass in full run with following command:
run cts -m CtsAlarmManagerTestCases -t android.alarmmanager.cts.AppStandbyTests

[CTS10.0R1]CtsMediaTestCases android.media.cts.VideoEncoderTest#testOtherH264FlexNearMaxMax fail


android.media.cts.VideoEncoderTest#testOtherH264FlexNearMaxMax fail:
at java.nio.ByteBuffer.put(ByteBuffer.java:611)
at java.nio.DirectByteBuffer.put(DirectByteBuffer.java:256)
at android.media.cts.VideoEncoderTest$VideoStorage$1.onInputBufferAvailable(VideoEncoderTest.java:116)

[CTS10.0r1]CtsPermissionTestCases android.permission.cts.ProviderPermissionTest#testManageDocuments fail


CtsPermissionTestCases  android.permission.cts.ProviderPermissionTest#testManageDocuments fail:
junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: Exactly one package (must be com.google.android.documentsui) can request the MANAGE_DOCUMENTS permission; found package com.mediatek.dataprotection which must be revoked for security reasons



org.apache.harmony.tests.java.nio.charset.CharsetEncoder2Test#testUtf8Encoding fail:
junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: expected:<3> but was:<1>
org.apache.harmony.tests.javax.security.auth.x500.X500PrincipalTest#testValidDN fail:
RFC2253: 139 parm: 'CN="\E0\90\AF"' expected: 'CN=���' returned: 'CN=Я'
RFC1779: 139 parm: 'CN="\E0\90\AF"' expected: 'CN=���' returned: 'CN=Я'
Unexpected encoding for: 139, dn= 'CN="\E0\90\AF"'
RFC2253: 140 parm: 'CN="\F0\80\90\AF"' expected: 'CN=����' returned: 'CN=Я'
RFC1779: 140 parm: 'CN="\F0\80\90\AF"' expected: 'CN=����' returned: 'CN=Я'
Unexpected encoding for: 140, dn= 'CN="\F0\80\90\AF"'
libcore.java.lang.StringTest#testFastPathString_illFormedUtf8Sequence fail:
junit.framework.ComparisonFailure: Fast-path UTF-8 decoder decodes sequence [c0 b1] into unexpected String expected:<[��]> but was:<[1]>
libcore.java.lang.StringTest#test_69599767 fail:
junit.framework.ComparisonFailure: expected:<��[�]!> but was:<��[]!>



[GTS7.0r2]GtsPermissionTestCases com.google.android.permission.gts.ManageDocumentsPermissionTest#manageDocuments_theOnlyOneHolder_isDocumentsUi fail


com.google.android.permission.gts.ManageDocumentsPermissionTest#manageDocuments_theOnlyOneHolder_isDocumentsUi fail
java.lang.AssertionError: Not true that <2> is at most <1>

[CTS10.0r1]android.carrierapi.cts.CarrierApiTest#testAddSubscriptionToExistingGroupForMultipleSims fail


双卡项目android.carrierapi.cts.CarrierApiTest#testAddSubscriptionToExistingGroupForMultipleSims 测试fail:
at junit.framework.Assert.fail(Assert.java:48)
at junit.framework.Assert.assertTrue(Assert.java:20)
at junit.framework.Assert.assertTrue(Assert.java:27)
at android.carrierapi.cts.CarrierApiTest.testAddSubscriptionToExistingGroupForMultipleSims(CarrierApiTest.java:970)





java.lang.AssertionError: com.google.android.apps.assistant does not have android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO granted.
com.google.android.apps.assistant does not have android.permission.READ_SMS granted.
com.google.android.apps.assistant does not have android.permission.SEND_SMS granted.


AGo Go GMS requirement - Enable CONFIG_DM_VERITY_FEC


The anouncemnt from Google AGO team

Hi Go partners, adding to this note to answer some of your questions:



* O-Go devices will also benefit from this change. You should make this change for all devices.

* Q-Go config guide will recommend CONFIG_DM_VERITY_FEC=y when the guide is released in the near future.


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GMS 最近通知汇总

GTS7.0R2 will start to use on 2019/9/17
CTS9.0 R9, 8.1 R16, 8.0 R20, 7.1 R28, 7.0 R32于2019/9/19号开始使用。
CTS9.0 R9, 8.1 R16, 8.0 R20, 7.1 R28, 7.0 R32 will start to use on 2019/9/19.
8月27号之,GMS Core版本必须更新到v17.4.x以上.
GMS core version must higher than V17.4.x after Aug 27th.

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CTS Android 9.0, 8.1, 8.0, 7.1, and 7.0 测试工具更新

The CTS 3rd quarter releases for Android 9.0, 8.1, 8.0, 7.1, and 7.0 are available on the Compatibility Test Suite Downloads<http://source.android.com/compatibility/cts/downloads> page. These releases contain continuous improvements of tests and test infrastructure.
For partners in China, the CTS packages can be downloaded from https://source.android.google.cn/ without using VPN for better reliability.

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New options available for devices distributed in Turkey

Starting August 6, 2019, there will be an optional MADA addendum that provides new alternatives for devices distributed in Turkey. You can continue to do business as usual in Turkey under your existing MADA if you do not want to adopt the choices offered in the addendum.

Under the optional MADA addendum, you can adopt any of the following changes on a device-by-device basis:

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Security considerations for Extended Camera Actions

Google Assistant supports the capability to trigger Device Actions, which partners can integrate with their camera apps. If you wish to take advantage of this feature, you should follow the detailed implementation instructions described in Extended Camera Actions.

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speechservices version 1.07, Trade Fed documentation, Mobile Bundled Apps (MBA) Content Policy, and Pre-grant Permissions Policy

Avoid speechservices version 1.07 in your builds


We have recently discovered a bug in com.google.android.apps.speechservices version 1.07. This core app was included in our most recent GMS bundle.

We are in the process of rolling back com.google.android.apps.speechservices to the previous version 1.06. It will be available soon as we update the GMS bundle. 

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GTS 7.0 R1 and R2 update, PAI campaign attribution, test suite releases, Qualcomm/Borqs, BTS PHA detection

Please review and act upon the following announcements:

PAI Campaign Attribution parameter

Play Auto Installs (PAI) now supports a new attribution parameter (utmCampaign). This attribution parameter can be read by an installed app using the Play Install Referrer API. For details, see Config APK XML files.

Test suites releases and required-use date; List of CTS waiver patches for next releases

This month, we have updated releases for the test suites listed below, as well as the GMS package.

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Gallery Go, GOTA, IANA tzdb 2019b, and GSIs with August SPLs

Gallery Go product launch and GMS requirements


Recently we launched Gallery Go - a smart, offline-first, gallery app designed to address the key pain points users have on entry-level devices and in connectivity challenged environments. 

Starting Nov 4th, 2019, Gallery Go will become a mandatory app for Android Go devices. We will update the GMS requirements accordingly. 

In line with your feedback, Gallery Go is fast, light, and works offline using on-device machine learning to deliver modern gallery functionality to more users on Android Go. You can learn more in our blog post

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