GTS_6.0_R4 failure in testUsageTableCapacity

GTS_6.0_R4 failure in testUsageTableCapacity


If you have a Widevine L1 device and your Pie builds are failing the  MediaDrmTest#testUsageTableCapacity test in GTS_6.0_R4 due to a missing patch in your L1 Widevine code, you are eligible for a blanket waiver until Aug 1st, 2019 and till then your builds won’t be blocked. You don’t need to open a separate waiver request if you are facing this issue, instead mention b/130209134 as blanket waiver number for your build approval on APFE.

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GOTA – Limitations on number of groups and max group size

GOTA – Limitations on number of groups and max group size

GOTA – 组数和最大组大小的限制

 For users of both GOTA dashboard and API, we are reducing the maximum group size from 50,000 to 1,000 devices for new groups and restricting the maximum number of groups in a deployment to 25 groups because these groups are intended for testing only. Starting June 17 2019, you will not be able to add more than 1,000 devices to a group and the number of groups in a deployment will be limited to 25.

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Android Bootcamp 2019 videos now available

Android Bootcamp 2019 videos now available


Videos from 2019 Android Bootcamp are now available and have been added to the Bootcamp folder linked from the Android Partners Help Center. The Android Bootcamp material provides a deep dive into the latest features and explores forthcoming development.

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CTS 测试工具更新

Test suites releases and required-use date; List of CTS waiver patches for next releases

 This month, we have updated releases for the test suites listed below, as well as the GMS package.

VTS Waiver reduction and May release

VTS Waiver reduction and May release VTS豁免缩减和5月份Release


【即将开始】Google I/O 2019 | Google

2019 Google I/O 大会即将在几个小时后开始,是时候和 7000 多位现场的开发者们一起目睹一年一度的开发盛事了!


今年的开发者大会将通过多家平台进行直播,官方准备了 130 个官方礼品,在直播过程中抽奖送给大家!到时候别忘了积极参与互动!

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[GTS]GTS测试GtsMemoryHostTestCases 出现fail项

问题描述 Attempted shell am start -W -S -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d ‘file:///sdcard/test.ogg’ -t audio/* ‘’

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ITS test_3a_consistency 测试fail:报assert np.isclose(np.amax(fds), np.amin(fds), FD_TOL)分析方法


 ITS test_3a_consistency 测项目的:会让AE,AWB,AF auto收敛3次,然后分别查看AE,AWB,AF三次收敛结果最大差异值是否小于最大值的10%,如果小于最大值的10%认为pass,否则fail。
如果是AF 不满足要求,会报assert np.isclose(np.amax(fds), np.amin(fds), FD_TOL)

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Android P HAL3 版本,camera 如何配置成FF

例如,配置sub sensor s5k2t7sp 成FF
     1)CUSTOM_HAL_LENS = lc898212xdaf bu6424af ak7371af dummy_lens
     2)CUSTOM_HAL_SUB_LENS = dummy_lens
 2、/vendor/mediatek/proprietary/custom/mtXXXX/hal/lens/src/lenslist.cpp文件中,LensList_sub数组sensor id对应的lens id 配置成dummy如 1),或者只配dummy如2)

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[ITS] fail


1. test_raw_sensitivity_stderr.txt 显示 assert variances[i] < variances[i+1] / VAR_THRESH
2. test_raw_sensitivity_stderr.txt 不显示上述错误, 但有如下错误:
File “C:\ITS\data\CameraITS\pymodules\its\”, line 284, in __close_camera
data,_ = self.__read_response_from_socket()
File “C:\ITS\data\CameraITS\pymodules\its\”, line 244, in __read_response_from_socket
ch = self.sock.recv(1)
socket.error: [Errno 10053]

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its test_edge_enhancement fail的处理

## 1. 先看拍的图片是否正常. 排查全黑,只拍了边角的问题. 若是, 调整拍摄角度就可以了
## 2. 排除1后, 要查EE 在mode0, 1, 2, 3开启状态. 默认0 关闭, 其他开启.
2.0 先从test_edge_enhancement_stderr.txt 看是哪组ee fail, 如下demo 看是ee 2 时fail, 即MTK_EDGE_MODE_HIGH_QUALITY mode.
File “C:\ITS\data\CameraITS\tests\scene3\”, line 116, in main
assert(sharpness_regular[2] > sharpness_regular[0])

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CTS Test:testBasicRecordingCTS fail:Video duration doesn’t match: recorded 2619.000000ms, expected [4650.000000,4650.000000]ms.从fail的原因来看,是帧率过大导致的(一般此项fail原因都是帧率不够导致)

Log 分析:




“”,    — 卡1
“”, — 卡2
“”, — 卡3
“”, — 卡4




 VTS test request plug in SIMs in all SIM slots from Android P, but they doesn’t cover the VSIM case, there is no way to plug in SIM in the vsim only slot. So we enable modem VSIM at the VSIM only slot if there is no MTK framework.
VTS测试从Android P开始要求插卡测试,而Google没有考虑VSIM的情况,因为VSIM only的slot不能插实体卡,造成VTS测试fail。所以判断如果没有上层MTK framework的话,认为是GSI,在VSIM only的操作打开modem VSIM。