GSM 时间窗及近期通知更新


This month, we have updated releases for the test suites listed below, as well as the GMS package.

  • CTS release

  • Process to deal with CTS test failures

  • GTS Release

    • GTS 7.0_R5  (supporting Android 8-10) is going through the final QA process. Please be on the lookout for additional release announcements next week.

  • VTS Release

    • August releases for the Vendor Test Suite for Android 10, 9.0, 8.1 and 8.0 will be available on the Downloading VTS and GSIs page by the end of this week.

    • The new GSIs will include the SPLs for June.

These versions will be required for GMS approvals as described in the table below:


Release version

Required-use date


10 R4, 9.0 R12, 8.1 R19, 8.0 R23



7.0 R5 (TBD)



10 R4, 9.0 R13, 8.1 R12


Updates to 2GB Go for Android 10 starting October 20, 2020

Below is the preview of updates to 2GB Go GMS requirements slated to be announced in June 24, 2020 GMS Requirements release:

After October 20, 2020, DEVICEs MUST be defined as a Go device, with the isLowRamDevice flag set to true if both of the following conditions are true:

  • The DEVICE launches with Android 10.


  • The DEVICE has 2 GB of RAM or less.

2 GB RAM devices that launched as standard GMS devices (non-Go) SHOULD NOT convert to an Android Go device using MRs or letter upgrades.

A 3 GB or greater RAM device MAY be approved as a Go PRODUCT variant, but only in conjunction with a Go device of 2GB RAM or less. A device with more than 2 GB RAM CANNOT be a Go PRODUCT alone in a DEVICE group.

Updates to R GMS requirements

We have published updates on requirements for R GMS Requirements.

Key updates for this preview

Changed (GMS)

Added (CDD/GMS)



  • 156273482: 512MB RAM devices not supported in Android 11.

Updated GOATS performance suite for Go devices

An updated release version 10.0_B2 GOATS is available for partner review.

The Go Android Test Suite (GOATS) is a Tradefed-based automated test suite used to validate performance of low RAM Android Go edition devices. Android Go devices must complete GOATS testing for build approval. Non-Go devices shouldn't run GOATS.

Refer to the help center page to learn about GOATS and download the latest version.



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