speechservices version 1.07, Trade Fed documentation, Mobile Bundled Apps (MBA) Content Policy, and Pre-grant Permissions Policy

Avoid speechservices version 1.07 in your builds


We have recently discovered a bug in com.google.android.apps.speechservices version 1.07. This core app was included in our most recent GMS bundle.

We are in the process of rolling back com.google.android.apps.speechservices to the previous version 1.06. It will be available soon as we update the GMS bundle. 

Bug: In some scenarios, a user can be presented with a “Google Speech Services has stopped” dialog while working in the [Settings->Apps & notifications->Default apps->Assist & voice input] screen.


You should confirm your build does not contain com.google.android.apps.speechservices version 1.07.

If you have shipped or deployed an OTA update with speechservices version 1.07, then you should make arrangements to use the rollback speechservices 1.06 in your next scheduled OTA update.

We will notify you soon when the updated GMS bundle is available.

Instructions for downloading Trade Fed and running Instrumentation tests


You can now find instructions for downloading the Trade Federation Test Harness and running Instrumentation tests from existing APKs on source.android.com. Downloading the tool allows you to avoid building the framework yourself. And the instrumentation test instructions provide a single command to install the APK of instrumentation tests, execute the tests, and display the tests that are running.


Mobile Bundled Apps (MBA) Content Policy Enforcement begins 8/1


Starting August 1, 2019, the MBA Content Policy will be effective as an official GMS Requirement for new product SKUs for device models or newly added MBAs to existing product SKUs. 

Since we published this policy as a partner preview in April, we have communicated with you about its details and enforcement plan.

We look forward to continue working closely with you to ensure that your device builds are compliant with these GMS requirements and address any questions. Please reach out to your primary contact person in the Android partnership team for more details or guidance. Thank you for your continued partnership.

Pre-grant Permissions Policy for Mobile Bundled Apps (MBA)


We are enhancing the existing Pre-grant Permissions policy to:

  • Reduce collection and use of sensitive user data

  • Ensure transparency and control by mandating user consent

  • Scope permissions for default handlers

The Pre-grant Permissions Policy is an update to the GMS requirements applicable to Mobile Bundled Apps (MBA). Beginning August 1, 2019 we will be publishing the Pre-grant  Permission Policy and notifying you of any first-party impacted apps (potentially already approved apps) which MUST comply with the policy. Please review and update the impacted apps no later than February 3, 2020 to avoid permission revocation which could lead to unexpected app behavior for your users.




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