New options available for devices distributed in Turkey

Starting August 6, 2019, there will be an optional MADA addendum that provides new alternatives for devices distributed in Turkey. You can continue to do business as usual in Turkey under your existing MADA if you do not want to adopt the choices offered in the addendum.

Under the optional MADA addendum, you can adopt any of the following changes on a device-by-device basis:

  • Widget Placement. You may remove the Google Search Widget from the default home screen. For devices implementing this Widget Placement option, there is a GMS licensing fee.

  • Google WebView. You may preinstall and set as default another in-app webpage renderer instead of Google WebView. The replacement in-app webpage renderer must meet the security and compatibility requirements outlined in the GMS requirements for the addendum.

For the optional MADA addendum, refer to GMS Requirements for Turkish Builds on GMS Requirements.



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