GTS 7.0 R1 Release

GTS 7.0 R1 Release
GMS Test Suite (GTS) version 7.0 R1 has been released on the GTS Download<> page. GTS 7.0_r1 will support Android 7.0 to 10 and will be enforced for GMS approvals starting August 15, 2019.     2019-8-15日起强制使用

GTS 7.0_r1 replaces GTS 6.0_r4 for approvals of GMS distribution per MADA/ EMADA on phone & tablet devices running Android 7.0 to 10. Major changes compared to previous release are following:
·        Added 22 new test modules and 162 new test cases.
·        Enforcing Android Auto mandatory GMS app for Android Q.
·        Enforcing Mainline Modules related GMS requirements.
·        GtsMediaTestCases can be run locally by hosting media contents on device SD Card or on a local server.
·        Fixes for some miscellaneous bugs and performance improvements.




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  1. 您好 我在 GTS 7.0 r1 測試結果
    遇到一個新的項目" Assumption Failure"

    1. 您好,” Assumption Failure”这个问题我也在GTS 7.0 r1上遇到了,在网上也没有找到相关的信息,请问您现在对于这个问题有答案了吗?


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