[Android GMS Announcements-0703] Soong build system instructions available and GooglePackageInstaller security update

Soong build system instructions available


All available documentation for the Soong build system is now linked from the Set up > Build tab of source.android.com. In addition, more detailed source control documentation has been moved from the Set up > Download tab to Set up > Create to simplify initial configuration. 

GooglePackageInstaller security update for CVE-2019-2114


We released the Android Security Bulletin—August 2019 Partner Preview on July 1st. This bulletin contains the Package Installer fix for the security issue CVE-2019-2114. The Android security bulletins are accessible on the Android Partners Security Help Center.

On Android 8.0, 8.1, and 9 devices, this fix must be applied with GooglePackageInstaller build updates—available for download from the Drive folder.




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