GTS_6.0_R4 failure in testUsageTableCapacity

GTS_6.0_R4 failure in testUsageTableCapacity


If you have a Widevine L1 device and your Pie builds are failing the  MediaDrmTest#testUsageTableCapacity test in GTS_6.0_R4 due to a missing patch in your L1 Widevine code, you are eligible for a blanket waiver until Aug 1st, 2019 and till then your builds won’t be blocked. You don’t need to open a separate waiver request if you are facing this issue, instead mention b/130209134 as blanket waiver number for your build approval on APFE.

如果你有一个Widevine L1设备而你的Pie版本由于你的L1 Widevine代码中缺少补丁而导致GTS_6.0_R4中的MediaDrmTest#testUsageTableCapacity测试失败,那么你有资格获得全面的豁免,直到2019年8月1日,直到那时你的构建 不会被阻止。 如果您遇到此问题,则无需打开单独的豁免请求,而是在APFE上提及b / 130209134作为您的构建批准的一揽子豁免号码。

However, please work with your L1 Widevine solution provider (typically the SoC vendor) to request a binary drop and integrate it before August 1st, 2019 for your next full MR, as this is part of the critical Widevine fix affecting popular streaming applications, which had been communicated to you via Feb QPR partner bulletin.

但是,请与您的L1 Widevine解决方案提供商(通常是SoC供应商)合作,请求二进制丢弃并在2019年8月1日之前将其集成到您的下一个完整MR中,因为这是影响流行流媒体应用程序的关键Widevine修复程序的一部分, 已通过Feb QPR合作伙伴公告与您联系。

If Qualcomm is your L1 Widevine solution provider, the following stack trace is an indication that you’re missing the patch. You need to work with Qualcomm by providing the Pixel case number CR#2331826 to fully resolve this issue.

如果Qualcomm是您的L1 Widevine解决方案提供商,则以下堆栈跟踪表明您缺少补丁。 您需要通过提供Pixel案例编号CR#2331826来与Qualcomm合作才能完全解决此问题。

==LogCat Error==

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to load at least 2 existing keys. UsageTable was deleted on new entry.

03-25 16:36:06.410   602 12013 E DrmWidevineDash: Error: OEMCrypto_CreateNewUsageEntry ret = 28

03-25 16:36:06.410   602 12013 E WVCdm : [crypto_session.cpp(2059):CreateUsageEntry] CreateUsageEntry: OEMCrypto_CreateNewUsageEntry error: 28

03-25 16:36:06.410   602 12013 E WVCdm : [usage_table_header.cpp(105):Init] UsageTableHeader::Init: Unable to create/delete new entry. Clear usage entries, security level: 1, usage entries: 201

03-25 16:36:06.410   602 12013 E WVCdm : [usage_table_header.cpp(114):Init] UsageTableHeader::Init: load usage table failed, security level: 1

03-25 16:36:06.426   602 12013 E DrmWidevineDash: Error: OEMCrypto_CreateUsageTableHeader ret = 29

03-25 16:36:06.426   602 12013 E WVCdm : [crypto_session.cpp(1995):CreateUsageTableHeader] CreateUsageTableHeader: usage table header creation failed: 29





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