Android P 9.0 201901 GMS Package release

Google have released the GMS updates for Android 9. This release will be required for GMS approvals from March 12, 2019. Please note, GMS for Android 8.0 and 8.1 will be only updated going forward when there are security issues or critical bug fixes.

In this release, we updated;

  • SetupWizard for Android 9.0. This features the following updates based on various issues reported by partners:
    • Improved the UX in Wi-Fi set up screen when the user had a working SIM for mobile data connectivity
    • Improved the UX when the user skipped Wi-Fi set up but had a working SIM for mobile data connectivity
    • Fixed a wrong Korean translation
    • SetupWizard process may still be up and running on the next reboot after completing out-of-the-box setup
  • partner_gms/etc/preferred-apps/google.xml file. It sets Google Photos app as the default handler for ACTION_VIEW intent against photo images. If this change is not desired for your products, feel free to remove this change from the downloaded GMS bundle.

The updated apps in the release can be found in the GMS 9_201901 spreadsheet tab.

谷歌已经发布了适用于Android 9的GMS更新。从2019年3月12日起,GMS批准将需要此版本。请注意,只有在出现安全问题或严重错误修复时,才会继续更新适用于Android 8.0和8.1的GMS。


适用于Android 9.0的SetupWizard。此功能基于合作伙伴报告的各种问题进行以下更新:
partner_gms / etc / preferred-apps / google.xml文件。它将Google相册应用设置为针对照片图像的ACTION_VIEW意图的默认处理程序。如果您的产品不需要进行此更改,请随时从下载的GMS包中删除此更改。
可以在GMS 9_201901电子表格选项卡中找到该版本中的更新应用程序。




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