GTS CarrierServiceTest

As part of the GTS v6.0r2 release, we will check for the presence of Android Messages (CarrierServiceTest) by default against all devices for any ACSA (Agreement to preload Carrier Services and Android Messages) partner.

In addition, for any device with Android Message installed, regardless of ACSA status, the GTS tests will run to check proper system permissions for Android Message, as well as checking system permission and privileges for Carrier Services.

The only way to exempt devices/builds from the above tests is for the Google Comms OEM team to write an exemption.  

作为GTS v6.0r2版本的一部分,我们将默认针对任何ACSA(预载运营商服务和Android消息的协议)合作伙伴的所有设备检查是否存在Android消息(CarrierServiceTest)。
从上述测试中豁免设备/构建的唯一方法是让Google Comms OEM团队编写豁免。




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