[MTK]STS fail will not block certification from 2018/10/1

On 2018/9/22,Google has announced that STS failed will not block certification from October 1, 2018 , refer the message below . You can keep on sending devices to 3PL for certification

First, we wanted to thank everyone for helping us on the Security Test Suite (STS). We’ve had a lot of great partner feedback.

Based on this feedback we are continuing to drive performance and stability improvements to STS. At this time, we will not be requiring a successful STS run for build approval on October 1, 2018. However please continue to upload STS results with builds.

Once we have fully evaluated all the feedback and assess next steps in the development of the platform we will be sending out communication with an updated enforcement roll out schedule. In the meantime, we still strongly encourage OEMs to utilize the STS binaries provided in the partner preview each month. This will allow us to receive feedback early enough to make stabilization improvements prior to enforcement. 





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