GTS Business Logic authentication 业务逻辑影响 GtsPlacementTestCases fail

GTS Business Logic authentication

Google enforces GTS Business Logic (BL) authentication. GTS will fail if the testing environment is not configured correctly. To configure the testing environment, you need to obtain a key file from your TAM. If you are a 3PL partner, please contact your 3PL directly.

Google强制执行GTS业务逻辑(BL)身份验证。 如果未正确配置测试环境,GTS将失败。 要配置测试环境,您需要从TAM获取密钥文件。 如果您是第三方物流合作伙伴,请直接联系您的3PL。

BL authentication affects the tests below. More tests will require BL authentication in the future.


Troubleshooting GMS BL authentication

If your testing environment is set up correctly, but you still see failures, verify that the product exists in the Android Partner Frontend (APFE). If a search for the product name does not appear in APFE, you need to submit a GTS/CTS report to APFE. This report does not need to be complete. It is recommended to follow the instructions for registering new products for provisional GMS testing so that your device is not treated as an uncertified device. To create a report, run:

如果您的测试环境设置正确,但仍然看到失败,请验证Android Partner Frontend(APFE)中是否存在该产品。 如果在APFE中未显示对产品名称的搜索,则需要向APFE提交GTS / CTS报告。 此报告不需要完整。 建议按照注册新产品进行临时GMS测试的说明进行操作,这样您的设备就不会被视为未经认证的设备。 要创建报告,请运行:

$ run cts -m CtsCurrentApiSignatureTestCases -t android.signature.cts.api.SignatureTest#testSignature

Once the CTS finishes, submit the generated CTS report to APFE, and then run GTS again.

GTS error types

If your product exists in APFE but your tests still fail, check for the following errors:

  • GTS error type 1: "Unable to execute because authorization failed, please ensure the service account key is properly installed."
    The environment variable APE_API_KEY was set incorrectly or else was set in the wrong terminal. Check the GTS 6.0 User Guide for more information.
  • GTS error type 2: "Unable to execute because service account is not authorized to access information for this device. Please verify device properties are set correctly and account permissions are configured to the Business Logic Api."
    There may be misconfigured permissions in APFE. Contact your TAM for assistance.
  • GTS error type 3: "Cannot connect to business logic service for suite GTS. If this problem persists, re-invoking with option '--ignore-business-logic-failure' will cause tests to execute anyways (though tests depending on the remote configuration will fail)."
    This can be a server issue. Try again after waiting awhile. If the issue persists, contact your TAM for assistance.





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