MTK平台Google OTA (GOTA) 支持情况


而手机(client 端)的app也是google开发的,放在GMS包内,所以贵司的项目需要安装GMS包。
手机设置settings-> About phone ->check是否有版本更新的入口。

Accessing the GOTA console (GOTA users)
To access Android resources, you must have a Google account associated with your
corporate email account (for example, instead of
To create a Google-enabled email:
1. Go to and sign up with your
corporate email account.
2. For Your current email , enter your corporate email. Do NOT click “I would like a
new Gmail address”.
3. Click Next steps , then click Verify by signing in…
4. Sign in to your corporate email account, then click Continue .
5. Enable on your account.
After setting up the account, ask your designated GOTA company admin to grant you
access. After access is granted, visit , sign in with your
corporate email address, and skip ahead to Using the GOTA console .

Is GOTA mandatory?
No. GOTA is a free OTA service provided by Google to its partners. It’s up to the partner to
decide to use GOTA or other OTA services.
Who can be GOTA user?
The OEM/Brand can be the GOTA user for its devices. OEM/Brand can also authorized ODM
or 3PL partners to provide support to a GOTA deployment.
Can 3PL partners handle GOTA on behalf of their customers?
Yes. When creating GOTA deployments, add the email address for the 3PL.
How do ODM/OEM partners in China test GOTA?
Currently, these partners must use a VPN to test GOTA.
What GOTA API can do?
The OTA APIs allows you to perform tasks such as:
● Query an OTA deployment
● Create new OTA configurations
● Create new Device Group
● Associate OTA config with Device Group
● Upload OTA package into OTA config
● Add devices into Device Group

其他任何问题,请直接向Google 咨询。





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