GMS Funding Eligibility Condition 已过认证设备需提交上市状态

  • Funding Eligibility Condition: From July 1, 2018, Google has monitored activations of devices after certification for future funding eligibility. Based on activations, if Google finds that a funded device has not been commercially launched within 3 months after the certification date, Google will request for justification from the partner. If a satisfactory justification is not provided by partner repeatedly, then the Funding Program may be suspended for that partner for few months by informing all the 3PLs and the partner.

We have seen a number of devices submitted but not commercially launched within 90 days of certification. We would like to suggest that partners submit their consumer devices for funding only when all the device issues have been resolved. We hope these changes will benefit partners with ​genuine demand for certification and incentivize ​them to accelerate the go-to-market time.




We recently made a few updates to the sublicense portal. Please do make sure to follow below two points.
– For launched projects, please mark in the project and provide launch date
– For cancelled projects, please mark in the project and provide detailed reasons. 





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