Test suites GMS July release GMS Client ID update

These versions will be required for GMS approvals as described in the table below:

Release Release version Required-use date
CTS 8.1 R7, 8.0 R11, 7.1 R19, 7.0 R23, 6.0 R30 2018-8-21
VTS 8.1_r4 and 8.0_r8 w August SPLs 2018-8-21
GMS 8.1_201807, 8.0_201807 2018-9-18

GMS Client ID update
Updated H3G country list to include ITWe've updated the GMS Client ID mapping (direct link), effective for new devices only. Check with specific carriers to confirm which values to set. Here's a summary of the changes:

  • Removed AT, BE, CH, FR from Vodafone list of countries
  • Added a row for Vodafone AU




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