Google Android Partner Summit 2018-6 HK


1、谷歌计划在2018年8月底9月初发布Android 9;

2、Android 8.X谷歌预计在2018年年底关闭窗口。

有需要做Android8 GMS认证的客户,请合理控制好时间

Fixing Badness

Build fingerprint must be unique.

Don’t reuse fingerprint for different software configuration.and always request new GMS approval for changes.

BTS:Catch security issues earlier. than later

Identifies security issues before they reach users (e.g. preloaded PHAs)

Actively updated and maintained to catch the latest security threats

Reduces reputational risk from security issues

Improving Quality

Quarterly Platform Release

Important Platform Fixes

Android P+builds (excl. SMRs & EMRs) must include functional issues of past 60 days or earlier

GMS Express

Now includes Android Go devices

Expanded to cover Rockchip and Allwinner

SoC email support aliases to answer waiver questions

Publishing monthly waiver lists

Next in Keystone?

More of Everything!

More chipsets

More chipsets under Keystone

More chipset vendors

Qualcomm,Mediatek,Samsung SLSI and Spreadtrum (now Unisoc) for Android Q

Expanded Android Beta

More support for OEMs participating in the Android Beta program

One simple way to get more out of Google

Expanded Storage 100GB,200GB,&2TB

Expert support




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