android-cts-8.1_r3 execution is not starting


On starting, facing the below issue[followed all the precondition steps]

03-29 04:49:11 W/DynamicConfigPusher: Cannot download and parse json config from URL 03-29 04:49:11 I/MediaPreparer: Instrumenting package 03-29 04:49:17 I/MediaPreparer: Downloading media files from 03-29 05:01:42 E/ModuleDef: TargetSetupError in preparer: 03-29 05:01:42 E/ModuleDef: Precondition class failed 03-29 05:01:44 I/MediaPreparer: Instrumenting package 03-29 05:01:50 I/MediaPreparer: Downloading media files from

This is happening continuously. No test case run


I think it would require you to download and install and install it to your Android hardware in order to proceed the mediastress test cases:
  • Go on that page ; scroll down to the bottom of the page, download the media 1.4 package.
  • Unzip and go to the android-cts-media-1.4. Then try bellow command on terminal./ [your_resolution_param_here]

The resolution param is not required, if you don’t put it it will add all the media file in, thus may potentially lead to some failure test cases. But you should probably check again what’s your maximum media resolutions allowance via CDD document for your particular Android version. Here are the list of storage options to be brief:

  • 480×360: 98MB
  • 720×480: 193MB
  • 1280×720: 606MB
  • 1920×1080: 1863MB





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